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We are ten days on from the end of the Etch ICO, where we successfully raised 2889.888 Ether (around $900k). In keeping with our promise to get all tokens out within 20 business days as stated in the ICO T&C we are launching the token claim process/onboarding as an Etch customer soon. Link to this will be broadcasted on our social media channels when ready. So do please keep an eye out for that.

Dear Ethel: I have recently started a new job. I get paid at the end of the month. Is there a reason why my employer is paying me monthly and not weekly, or even daily?

“I can pay your invoice direct to your bank account…” I said….
“No thanks.”
What do you mean, no thanks?
“I want a bloody check — I can cash that f****r in tomorrow.”
So cash really is king. But at a cost.